We offer freshly made sandwiches and salads to order, homemade quiche and soup. We post our quiche and soup of the day, as well as lunch specials daily on our FaceBook page. Please check us out!





3” mini cheesecakes

6″ cheesecake (serves 4-8)

9″ cheesecake (serves 8-12)

10” cheesecake (serves 14-16)


Cheesecakes (offering French-Style and New York-Style)

Amaretto     Bailey’s Irish Cream     Banana Crème Pie     Banana Chocolate Walnut     Bittersweet Chocolate Raspberry     Blackberry (seasonal)

Black Forest     Caramel Pecan Turtle     Chocolate Amaretto     Chocolate Hazelnut     Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle

Chocolate Pumpkin     Chocolate Toffee Crunch     Chocolate Espresso     Chocolate Strawberry     Coconut Crème Pie     Cookies & Cream

Cranberry Orange (seasonal)     Death by Chocolate     French Style Vanilla     German Chocolate     Key Lime     Lemon Blueberry

Lemon Berry    Lemon Raspberry     Lemon Strawberry     New York Style     Peach Amaretto     Peach Blackberry (seasonal)

Peanut Butter Caramel   Pumpkin Praline    Red Velvet     Strawberry Key Lime     Strawberry Shortcake   Chocolate Caramel Praline

Salted Caramel    White Chocolate Toffee   White Chocolate Mousse   White Chocolate Raspberry   Tiramisu

Crust Flavors:

Chocolate cookie, vanilla cookie, lemon cookie, gingersnap, graham cracker, oatmeal cookie,

and shortbread. We add nuts, toffee, white chocolate or dark chocolate depending on the flavor.

Gluten-free crusts are available upon request.

12″ Dessert Platters

We can customize your dessert platter with an assortment of cookies, cookie bars, cannoli, pastries, cream puffs and mini cheesecakes.




Pies (Key Lime, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Peanut Butter)

9″ pie (serves 8)